Portrait Session in Gothenburg City

From India to Sweden

There are many good reasons to have a portrait session done.
You may want photos for documenting a period in your life or see how you appear in someone else´s view.
You might be a long way from home, and want to send photos to loved ones, showing them a piece of your new life.
Or you just want to do it because it´s fun. Or some other reason.
All reasons are valid, and as a photographer, I can say that most people come without really knowing what the experience will be like.
And I think everyone leaves reinvigorated, happy to have taken this step.

Portrait Session at the Central Station in Gothenburg

To do a photo session outdoors in December in Sweden can feel a bit risky. Will there be any light at all?
Will it rain? Will a storm come?

None of the above happened in this session, but if something had, am I sure we would have found a way to deal with it.
We started in Trädgårdsföreningen, moved to the Central Station and then to Kronhusbodarna.

Portrait Session at Trädgårdsföreningen Gothenburg Portrait Session at Trädgårdsföreningen Gothenburg

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